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12 Key Points to choose the best magento theme for eCommerce site 2018

tips to choose the best magento theme for ecommerce site

12 Tips to choose the best magento eCommerce theme 2018

Have you been stuck with a decision in picking up the perfect Magento theme when you make your Ecommerce store? In front of the large market of magento themes, it’s hard to decide which theme you should go for. If you are in that case, don’t worry. Because in this post, I am sharing with you 12 Key Points To Choose The Best Magento Theme For Ecommerce Site 2018.

1. Visually Appealing

The first one in 12 Tips to choose the best magento ecommerce theme 2018 is Visually Appealing. It is said that “First impression is the last impression”. This sentence is especially applicable for eCommerce customers. That is to say a poorly designed website would have a high bounce rate and visitors would not come back for the second time. Themes plays a major role to cast a spell on the visitors . Also it should be kept in mind that the theme should not be only about graphics, but also it should look professional.

Besides, Magento theme should be the right representation of your business. Take your time at this stage. You can look at the demo content and images of a theme as they can tell you which product site that theme can fit for or the theme tags from providers can be a good reference. Of course you should not rely on them too much as one theme may fit in perfectly various types of product ranges with a little touch of customization. The best way to figure it out is playing around the demo sites, feel the theme to see if it can truly represent your site.

You can look for the best and premium theme from venustheme.

2User Friendly Layout

The second point to evaluate your magento theme suitable for your store or not is user-friendly layout. Visitors don’t like websites which are hard to access and taking too much time to load. So, keep in mind when you choose theme, the theme should meet all of 3 factors below:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Simple back to top button
  • Search bar and shopping icons must be at traditional place

So, all in one your theme must provide a reason to stay at your store by providing wonderful experience.

Let’s take a look at magento themes from Venustheme that meet this requirement.

3. Suitable Layout & Template

Another aspect you have to notice when choosing the best magento ecommerce theme is suitable layout and template. Depending on the kind of business you own, you need to make the choice of the theme and layout. Choose between the standard design and the fashionable one. For instance, if your website sells technology stuff, then you could choose the standard layout, like Ves Bishop.  If it is a footwear store, you could opt for a more glamorous looking theme, Ves Swimwear, for example.  Choose a theme that is in line with the current trend.

4. Built On New Technologies

As you may know, a powerful Magento theme must come with the newest technologies such as: SASS, Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, HTML5 and CSS3. These technologies make your site work more effectively and outstand from the sameness.

Ves Bella Responsive Magento Theme– an example of great theme with newest technologies.

5. Customization

Besides, you should check if a theme can be customized or not, which will help you to personalize your site easily. It is because web technology  continuously achieves new changes, innovations, and your theme should not be a constraining factor in incorporating them. Even the most beautiful eCommerce theme can be out of fashion after a season or a promotion campaign. Having a practical tool to customize the colors or layouts of the site helps you to save time, money and energy getting a whole new Magento theme. Therefore, the theme you choose should have advanced and additional features to support you.

Look for theme customization in Venustheme.

6. Web browsers compatibility

Cross browser support is another tip to choose the best magento ecommerce theme. Hence, you should check the cross-browser compatibility in advance before picking up your next eCommerce Magento theme. As you know, users may use different browsers at different times. Browser incompatibility is not likely to happen with most of the popular Magento theme providers, but be careful. It would be a waste if your theme does not work well in all popular web browsers, as user preference in terms of web browsers vary a lot.

By this way, you would have chance of reaching to worldwide viewers more easilier, which can increase sales to a considerable extent.

Take Ves 8pm Friday as a typical example of web browsers compatibility.

7. SEO-Friendly

Magento comes in with search engine optimization friendly environment and Top Google rankings become one of the most factors for your site to get high traffic and eventually higher sales. That’s why your eCommerce Magento theme should follow the standard coding pratice to be appoved in search engines’ robot eyes. That means the theme you choose should be SEO-friendly for fast indexing and better search results. Make sure your theme has SEO-friendly features embedded in the theme. Moreover, your HTML/CSS coding must be perfect.

Ves Bishop is one of the best theme coming with seo-friendly.

8. Social Media Elements

One more tip in the list of 12 tips to choose the best magento ecommerce theme is social media element. A practical Magento theme should come with social settings so that your shoppers can get updated and share about your site with ease. You may know that the social media has become the most happening platform for spreading the word about a business. Therefore, brand promotion becomes easy and you will get all the recognition that is needed to push your business forward. Your duty is to ensure that the theme you have chosen will facilitate display of different social media icons on the website. Furthermore, you should also be able to display latest posts and tweets on the web page.

Ves Eveprest is an typical theme supported social media elements.

9. Balanced Color

There are infinite color themes available on the web today. Most of them would not be a visual treat for your customers. Choosing one from the lot that has the perfect color blend is important. Research on some existing websites. Successful websites have the best themes with perfect colors. Including one such for your business can help you reap good profits.

For example, Ves Ten comes with unlimited colour.

10. Right Placement of Promotions and Banners

Moreover, to select the best magento ecommerce theme, you must ensure that there is appropriate placement of the banners as well as promotion blocks. A theme of a given store without any banner or promotional slider is incomplete. They contribute more towards the success of a website.  A sliding or rotating banner is found to be ideal to spread the word.

11. In-built Blog

Next, Blogs have become a part of the websites nowadays because there needs to be fresh content posted very frequently for the search engines to give your website a good ranking in the search results.  When there is a blog in the website itself, this issue is solved.

Look at Ves Havina to get more understanding.

12. Multicurrency, MultiLanguage And RTL Ready

Last but not least, Multicurrency, Multi Language and RTL Ready is the element you should consider before buying decision. In the decade of global market, opening business across country border is a must. Don’t make language difference and currency difference become the barries of your business. Let’s make your site ready for everyone all over the world.

Take Ves Swimwear as a typical example.

Wrapping it up, above are 12 basic tips while determining a suitable Magento theme for your ecommerce web. Of course there are many other factors which affect your decision. Please don’t hesitage to share your point of view or comment below this post! Share it if you find useful!

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