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Top 5 Effective Tips in Building a Successful SaaS Application

Top 5 Effective Tips in Building a Successful SaaS Application

Businesses that provide software-as-a-service or SaaS are gaining momentum nowadays. In fact, 80% of companies are expected to run on SaaS in 2022.

Sure, creating a SaaS application is one of the most profitable businesses these days. But the question is, how can you overcome the challenges that come with it?

What is SaaS Application?

Before we move forward, let’s first define what a SaaS application is.

Also known as web-based software or on-demand software, SaaS applications do not need installing and maintenance. All you need to do is connect online, and you can access the software.

With the SaaS application, users do not have to buy the app. Instead, they can pay a monthly or annual subscription to be able to use it.

Moreover, the amount you pay will determine the number of features that users can access.

Advantages of Using SaaS Applications

SaaS provides a lot of benefits, and that includes the following:

Low Upfront Cost

Because it’s subscription-based, it means that you don’t pay for licensing fees. It also means low upfront costs.

The SaaS provider is the one who manages the app’s IT infrastructure. Thus, it reduces the maintenance fees that you incur.

Easy Deployment

SaaS applications are already configured and installed in the cloud. This allows you to set up and run your business as quickly as possible. That’s because the only thing you need to do is register and pay a SaaS app provider.


There is no need to download, install, and maintain an application you will need for your business. All you need is to access the app via the Internet, and you are good to go.


SaaS providers offer users flexible subscription options and the freedom to change plans if necessary. Thus, they can upgrade or downgrade their services when needed.

How to Build a Successful SaaS Application

Now the benefits of using SaaS applications for your business, here are some tips on building a successful app:

Create Valuable Content

The goal of your SaaS marketing strategy is to give users valuable information throughout the whole sales funnel.

You need to provide customers what they need to get to get through each stage.

Many SaaS marketers make the mistake of focusing on content creation to create awareness and generate traffic. Yet, you can also use your content to guide potential clients throughout their buyer’s journey.

Top of the funnel content will draw people to your SaaS application, but it will also convince them to bring out their wallets.

That’s why it’s essential to execute your SaaS content marketing plan properly.

Provide Excellent Customer Support

When you’re first starting as a SaaS company, providing phone and email support is already enough. But as you scale over time, you need to have a more robust system in place.

Creating a ticketing system allows you to provide track support requests. You can then assign them to employees, track satisfaction, and keep your customers happy.

Offer a Free Trial

To succeed in the SaaS industry, you need to offer people a free trial.

Doing so allows prospects to try your products without having to commit first to anything.

You have to ensure that you set a clear rule about account deactivation if they opt-out of your service.

At VoyMedia Saas Marketing Agency, we only collect any billing details until users are done with the trial. Otherwise, it takes away the appeal of signing up for your SaaS software without any commitment.

Do Your Market Research

Many developers and app owners often make the mistake of riding the SaaS hype without validating their project ideas.

Ideally, you need to look at the best sources for real-world evidence, and that will always be your competition.

It would help if you also researched trends as it plays a crucial role in your success.

Doing so allows you to make improvements in your app and to make it relevant.

Identify Your Ideal Customers

Finally, you need to identify who will be your ideal customer. It would be off to use the same strategy to mothers, teenagers, millennials, and so on.

Every group has different needs and communication channels. Thus, it would help if you gained perspective on how your buyer thinks and how they can socialize with the real-life world.

After you identify your target customers, you need to know how their mind works. This includes understanding why they’d choose your SaaS over others.

To understand your customer’s needs better, you need to look up the latest trends in SaaS-based application development.

Final Thoughts

The SaaS industry is estimated to reach $157 billion. That’s because it is becoming an essential aspect of all digital businesses worldwide.

But the most important thing to remember when building a SaaS app is that it should be well-thought-out.

You should conduct business and market analysis, and you need a team of skilled app developers. When you have all these, you are setting your business up for success.

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