responsive magento 2 free theme

Responsive Magento 2 Free Theme

Built with Bootstrap 3.x, Ves Fasony scale to fit allmost all of devices: large screen desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet.

Incredible Fast Load

Magento 2 offers faster load page for your stores. As you know, fast site will sell more. So why you don’t choose this theme for your store

2 Incredible fast load magento 2 theme
3. Touch Optimized Carousel

Touch Optimized Slideshow

Your stunning image can optimized for touch drag n drop. Hence, customer will have an enjoyable shopping experience ever.

New Product List

Customers can browse the store to look for new products easier than ever.

4 Product List magento 2
5. Touch Optimized Testimonials

Smart Testimonials

Your customer testimonials will be shown prominently that helps you to enhance your store credibility

Brand Owl Carousel

Let’s your customer find product by brand. Also, admin can display brand logo slider on homepage attractively.

6. owl brand carousel
7. Built with Bootstrap 3.x

Built With Bootstrap 3.x

This magento 2 free theme is built with Bootstrap 3.x. It’s suit for all kind of ecommerce website.

Fast Checkout

You can reduce redundant steps and speed up checkout process with our magento 2 themes. Only necessary information is required

8. Fast Checkout
9. Inherited from blank theme

Inherited From magento 2.0 blank theme & use Magento 2.0 UI

Magento 2 blank theme is both great and fully responsive. It makes all stores be more responsive than mobile or desktop versions of the same theme.

User Friendly Admin Panel

Magento 2 comes with user friendly admin panel. Moreover, it is well organized so that admin can take a full control of all store easier.

10. User friendly admin panel
11. Offcanvas menu

Offcanvas menu

With this magento 2 free theme, your site will have completely dynamic and responsive offcanvas megamenu.

Dedicated Customization Services

Hire an expert in Magento 1x, Magento 2x Theme Development, Installation, Extensions & Custom Work, completed in 1 day, from as little as $55.
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Compatible With Marketplace Extension

Ves Fasony Magento 2 is compatible with LandOfCoder MultiVendor Marketplace and other most popular Magento extensions from #1 provider such as LandOfCoder.

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