Brand Logo Slider/Owl Carousel on Homepage

This magento 2 extension allow you to show Brand Logo Slider on homepage. Hence, you can display the collection of brand logo in dynamic slider attractively. Now Ves Brand is available to watch on Github.
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New Magento 2 Extension with Nice Brand Page

Apart from displaying your brand logo as brand block in different position, you can show it in a nice and specific brand page.

Easy To Manage With Brand Menu

Our magento 2 extension-Ves Brand comes with well organized brand menu. This lets you to add/manage/configure your brand easily.

Add to Any Position

With Ves Brand, you can build an unique brand page, or add brand block to any position you want.

Seo Optimizattion

Your nice brand page will be optimized for SEO to ensure that all of them get on the top of google search engine.

Enjoy Amazing Customer Experience With Us

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