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Top 5 Magento 2 Extensions Highly Compatible with Magento 2 Themes

Magento 2 is one of the most popular and powerful platform for ecommerce with 69,427 websites using Magento 2 Community in which there are 23,589 currently live websites (BuiltWith, Magento 2 Community Usage Statistics). Magento 2 is launched after its successful old version with the aims of helping the online sellers provide more high-quality products and services and offering the customers of the ecommerce stores the more fantastic shopping experience. To achieve these purposes, the absolutely essential tools are Magento 2 extensions and Magento 2 themes. 

You may feel extremely confused when choosing the themes and also the extensions for your ecommerce store because the market has been flooded with thousands of Magento 2 extensions and themes from numerous providers. When taking the extensions and themes into consideration, what are your criteria to evaluate them? Some common criteria can be named are outstanding features, price and promotion, prestige of  the providers, compatibility, installation and configuration,… So what is your first priority? Maybe the answers vary from seller to seller. However, one of the most important factors you should consider is the compatibility between Magento 2 extensions and themes. It means that you should choose Magento 2 extensions that are highly compatible with many themes and the theme that can work successfully with many extensions. 

This list of 5 Magento 2 extensions that are highly compatible with Magento 2 themes will be an useful support to your decisions. Let’s check it out!

1. Page builder extension for Magento 2 

This is a must-have Magento 2 extension to go with any Magento 2 themes to create an attractive, convenient and efficient website for your ecommerce store from the beginning. It will help you to utilize your Magento 2 theme to build up your website quickly and simply. This Magento 2 module can work flawlessly with any Magento 2 templates that you want to apply.

Once you have your own Magento 2 theme and install page builder extension, you can combine the powerful functions and features of them to build the website for your online store. Starting with the drag and drop interface, all you have to do are literally “drag and drop” elements to design your page website without knowing anything about coding. This Magento 2 extension provides more than 50 ready-to-use widgets that are supported in any Magento 2 themes. It also offers the shop owners responsive design options for mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, and large screen desktop, which makes more potential customers access to your online shop. 

In terms of layout, with the help of page builder extension, you can choose the layouts from the theme, customize, and create as many page layout as you desire. Moreover, you will not have to worry that the loading time of your pages will be affected by the theme you choose because the page builder extension enhance the speed and support your page with faster loading time.

2. Magento 2 marketplace extension

To boost sales for your online shop, one trending way is to convert your ecommerce website into an automatic online marketplace. The Magento 2 marketplace extension is what you need to let multiple vendors or sellers do their business in your website. This Magento 2 extension is fully compatible with nearly all standard Magento 2 themes. No matter what themes you are applying, it can work perfectly to change your ecommerce website into a multiple vendors market.

Your vendors can upload goods they want to sell and manage almost everything by themselves such as prices, shipping, discounts, payment method, etc. In addition, the display of all products will match perfectly with the theme you chose for your Magento 2 website. Magento 2 multi-vendors extension provides clean and modern marketplace layout to display all the sellers in one page with their name and image, and the customers can click on the link to redirect to the sellers’ profile. Each seller will have their own page with informative details such as shop title, product collection, rating and reviews, contact information,…

All fantastic features of this Magento 2 extension will work perfectly with almost all popular Magento 2 themes.

3. Magento 2 one step checkout extension

Do you know that the average e-commerce store loses more than 75% of its sales due to cart abandonment (Stephan, 2019)?  It means that you are losing a huge source of revenue because the customers leave your website without finishing a purchase after adding items to their carts. One reason for cart abandonment is the complicated and confusing checkout process. As a result, one step checkout extension is an ideal solution to reduce abandoned cart and increase conversion rate.

This is one of the most highly compatible Magento 2 extensions for any theme. It can fulfill requirement and work flawlessly on any Magento 2 themes such as Porto theme , Ultimo theme , Ves Need , Wes Floristy , ect. 

The customers will have better shopping experience with the clean and neat interface of the checkout page with all necessary information such as shipping address, shipping method, payment method. order summary, ect. In addition, they don’t have to waste time creating a new account to complete the purchase because they can use social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, ect to check out quickly.

4. Free Magento 2 product designer extension

One extension highly compatible with Magento 2 themes or even included in some themes is this free Magento 2 product designer extension . This extension easily meet the requirements and work perfectly with standard Magento 2 themes such as Ves Body Fitness , Ves Fresh , FreeGo ,…

With the help of this extension, the admin can create a unique designers page for your ecommerce store with all necessary details such as name of designers, images, birthday information, nationalities, description, links to detailed profile page,… You can choose the attractive and special design for this page from various page layouts. It also supports to display the designers’ information at the end of product page so that the customers can immediately know who designed the products they are looking at. 

Other impressive features of this extension are the ability of admin to create and manage multiple groups of designers, search and manage products of particular designer, optimize SEO remarkably,…Above all, it is free, so it’s really worthy to be given a try, right?

5. Free Magento 2 product tag extension

This free Magento 2 product tags is a should-not-miss tool you can install for your online shop. It matches nearly all Magento 2 themes and supports as well as strengthen features and functions of the themes. 

The most outstanding function of this Magento 2 extension is to highlight for customers the products’ special status, features or characteristic, discount or promotion in any way by keywords or phrases such as best seller item, free shipping, new arrival product, sale 50%,… It is an intelligent way to gain attention of the customers on your products, give them the very first impression of the products and attract them to consider buying.

Another simple but amazing feature of the free product tag extension is the ability to narrow the search result by tags. You just type tags on the product filters and the search results will be narrowed or you can see all the products with the same tags. For example, this module helps the buyers see special products of a particular brand, see all discounted products or best seller items,…

In conclusion, the high compatibility between Magento 2 extensions and Magento 2 themes is one of the most important factors you should take into account when choosing useful tools for your ecommerce store along with price, outstanding features, installation process,… The list of 5 extensions that are highly compatible with Magento 2 themes will be useful for you in making decision. 

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