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How To Build Product Page Layout Using Magento Product Builder


To continue the series of magento page builder tutorial, today I will show you how to use magento product builder. One of the newest features are added to Ves Page Builder. This magento product builder help you to build main content of product page such as media, add to cart form, upsell, related, information,…

Let’s get started!

Go to VenusTheme > Ves Product Builder > Add Product Layout Profile
I. General Tab

II. Design Layout Tab

The process to build a product page is pretty similar to the process of building a block/page. However, with magento product  builder , there are more 10 additional widgets compared to ves page builder.

Beside widgets as in page builder, product builder supports 10 more widgets

1. Product Media Block Widget Media Block Layout: Default layout of current template Horizontal Bottom Thumbs Horizontal Top Thumbs Vertical with Left Thumbs Vertical with Right Thumbs Gallery Images.

2. Product Information Block Widget

3. Product Addition Block Widget

4. Product Attribute Block Widget

5. Product Description Block Widget

6. Product Main Form Block Widget

7. Product Rating Widget

8. Product Reviews Block Widget

9. Product Tags Block Widget

10. Product Title Widget

Note: The process to build a product page is the same to the process of building magento page. Please look page ” How to use magento page builder”

3. Product Builder Configuration

Go to Venustheme > Ves Product Builder > Configuration, then select product builder layout for each product type

3.1: General Setting

3.2: Layout builder profile setting

4. Select product builder profile for product

In product edit page, select item on the left sidebar, then select product builder profile for product.


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