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How To Build Content Block Using Ves Block Builder

magento create block

The process of  a magento create block requires getting through long lines of code. Luckily, Ves PageBuilder bring the best solution for that. Coming with page builder, we offer block builder. This tool is designed to build block layout on frontend such as such as left column, right column, footer, header, etc.

In this post, I will show you how to use block builder to build “Content Blocks”. Please remmember that our magento block builder will let you to create your own block layout on frontend such as left column, right column, footer, header, etc. And after you design a block, you need to assign it to the position you want to cms page, widget, or static block. Once you follow this guide step by step, you will find it very easy to use

1. Front-end Appearance

We will take the following page footer as an example

2. Backend Configuration

>> Firstly, to create a new block please go go to Admin/ venustheme / Ves Block builder / Add Block profiles/

>> Then, open block information to fulfill necessary information

>> Next, open “Design Block” to design your own block

>> Click on “add row” button as below image to start designing your block.

>> Click “add column” button as below image. With this button, you can divide that row into as many column as you want.

>> Add/ Assign Magento Widgets
After completing the layout you want, you need to assign magento widget for each of them. Please click on ” add widget” button as below. In the next post we will show you how to choose and use magento widgets

>> You can edit/configure block as your expectation

>> Here is a complete block layout as an example

>> Specially,  you can config each sub-block. Below we show you some examples of sub-block we did configure.

Sub-block 1:

Sub-block 2:

Sub-block 3:

Sub-block 4:

Sub-block 5:

Sub-block 6:

Sub-block 7:

>> Saving: Please don’t not forget to save your new block

>> Finally, assign it to the position that you want.
Go to Venustheme >> Ves template Panel >> Theme Control Panel >> choose Page you want to assign block >> Layout Setting

>> In the Layout Setting, choose the position you want to add block


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