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How To Assign Product To Brand Magento 2?

Shop by Brand is an obviously effective way for customers who are keen on purchasing from their favorite brand.

But have you known how to assign product to brand magento 2?

If not, do not worry, because in this tutorial, I gonna show you the way to assign product to brand Magento 2.

To assign product to brand magento 2, you have to pass through 2 main stages:

  • Create new brand
  • Assign product to brand

Let’s do the first step:

1. Create new brand
Admin Panel > Ves Brand > Add New Brand


Fill up the Brand Information and click on Save Brand button


If you have done the first step, now do the next one:

2. Assign product to brand
Admin Panel > Product > Catalog > Edit


In Product Brand section, you will see a list of brands you had created. Select one for your product and Save Config.

This is the end of my tutorial on how to assign product to brand Magento 2.

Hopefully it will be a help for you to assign product to brand magento 2 for your online store!

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