Standard license

  • Single module pagebuilder with general plugins which were built in extensions Ves_Base, Ves_Widgets, Ves_Gallery, Ves Testimonials, Ves Landing Page, Ves Products list, Ves Products Carousel
  • 01 Domain usage
  • 03 Months Support
  • Support Installation
  • Dont allow use the extension to create magento themes and sell it.

Developer license

  • Include our other plugins ( ves tabshome, ves products carousel, ves deals, ves blog, ves faq, ves gallery…)
  • 04 Domain Usage
  • 06 Months Support
  • Support Installation
  • Custom module support ( includes examples and documentation for creating custom builder plugins)
  • Don’t allow use the extension to create magento themes and sell it.
  • Don’t allow to resell these modules in any circumstance

Agency license

  • Include free magento module (over $700 value) including Owl products carousel module, Hot deals with countdown timer, Ves blog, Ves tabs, Ves testimonials, Ves FAQ, Ves Images gallery,  Ves Block Builder, Ves Product Builder, Ves tabshome, ves video landing page, Ves parallax, Ves Rule-Based Product Relations.
  • 25 Domains usage
  • 12 Months support
  • Support Installation
  • Custom module support ( includes examples and documentation for creating custom builder plugins)
  • White labeling ( allow site owner replace name of ves pagebuilder extension to what you want)
  • Allow use the extension to create magento themes and sell it.
  • Do not Allow to Resell these module in any circumstance

Why our customer love Venus Pages Builder

Our magento theme creator help you to save ton of time on creating magento layout/page. With drag drop feature and intuitive interface, everything has become very visual. It is very easy to learn and design with fresh start. You can design a responsive magento page easily without coding.

why page builder
drag and drop interface

Drag and Drop User Interface

The magento theme creator has intuitive interface, you can build your own layout without touching any single code line. No technical knowledge or code line required!

Bootstrap Grid System

It supports you to change the block dimension exactly as possible based on Bootstrap Grid System that includes predefined classes for easy layout options and powerful mixins for generating more semantic layouts.

bootstrap grid system
magento widget

60+ Magento Widgets [New]

We understand that a good website need to show different kind of content. Thus, these Magento widgets help you to build various content: Video, Image, Gallery, Slideshow, Product List, etc.

Add many page you want

If you are considering how many pages you can build by our Magento PageBuilder, you don’t have to worry. Because with our Magento PageBuilder, you can build as many pages as you want.

add many page as you want
responsive configuration

Responsive configuration

In “design in” tool bar, you can configure responsiveness for mobile, tablet, laptop, large screen desktop. No matter what devices shopper use, your page is fully responsive.

Specific configuration for block and column

You can configure specifically each block through setting areas. In the PageBuilder panel, hit ” Edit Button”, you will see setting as the image show.

specific ocnfiguration
skin-builder magento page builder

Skin Builder

Our magento page builder also comes with skin builder, you can change visual appearance easily. It lets you to choose parts you want to affect via different options.

Agency License comes with these free modules (over $700 value)

Last but not least, when you buy Ves Page Builder Agency License you will get these free module
1. Hot deals with countdown timer (a $123.00 value)
2. Magento Blog Extension: (a $120 value)
3. Advanced FAQ module (a $120 value)
4. Easy Testimonial module (a $120 value)
5. Owl products carousel module pro (a $132 value)
6. PRO Images gallery (a $120 value)
7. Magento home tabs pro(a ‎$129.00 value)
8. Magento Easy tabs (a $45 value)
9. Ves video landing page
10. Ves parallax
11. Ves Rule-Based Product Relations.

magento page builder agency license
Check Our Core Feature
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Responsive Design & Mobile Ready Layout
  • Drag & Drop Management
  • Work with any magento themes.
  • 60+ Content Elements
  • Auto create CMS page with designed layout
  • Built in animation
  • Parallax scrolling background
  • Custom widget
  • Save and reuse your page
  • Shortcode Map
  • Full Width Row
  • Css skin builder
  • Easily to change elements
  • Product page layout builder
  • Advanced Grid Builder
  • Dedicated Support
  • Responsive Design Option
  • Easy to change layout element
  • Product Page Layout Builder
  • Easy to build block
  • Build Full page layout
  • Take full control of backend and frontend
  • Save Time with Templates
  • Easily Extendable
  • Manage CSS Easily