Ves Optimize- Full Page Cache

Speed up your Magento using page cache extension. Decrease pages time load and improve user experience, which leads to a better conversion rate and higher search rankings.

  • Magento loads pages much-much faster
  • Huge decrease of your server load
  • Better search engine indexing and higher rankings
  • Dynamic blocks / “hole punch” support
  • Includes cache crawler!
magento full page cache

Saves up to 1-3 seconds on each page request

The page had been saved into cache with the very first visit. Once your customer visit any page of your website, Ves page cache extension already has a ready page to serve without waitting for reloading.

Easy to Config In the Backend

Venus Full Page Cache has intuitive interface in Admin Panel. It is very easy for you to configure in the backend.

full-page-cache configuration
enable full-page-cache

Enable/ Disable or Refresh Venus Full Page Cache

With our Full Page Cache, you can enable/ Disable or Refresh Full Page Cache in single click.

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