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Here are some basics on installing, configuring and customizing the Venustheme,


The theme and the sample data is provided "as is". Customizing code and other design related issues can be done as freelance work on a $50-100 hourly rate only with Paypal and/or Skrill, if Venustheme's available. If you are new to Magento, please understand I cannot fix your site for free. Venustheme would love to help everyone but there is no time. I suggest reading documentation available online regarding using Magento, server requirements, etc.

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Responsive Magento theme Ves Fashion is an elegant eCommerce Magento fashion theme that charms your stores with the professional design, a sleek layout and functional features. The site makeover is well suited for fashion stores about clothing, shoes, glasses and accessories.

At the first glance, you may fall for the beautiful imagery display of Ves Fashion which is catchy, smooth and mostly animated. Available for all the latest versions of Magento CE, Ves Sunstyle supports responsive web design along with Off-canvas menu for mobile device accessibility. This versatile theme ships with complementary Magento extensions including extension modules as well. Ves Fashion also offers 5 layouts ( 1 layout follow old frameword and 4 layouts new framework)  many skins colors and settings to get your store in multiple store views.

The layout of VesFashion Homepage can be illustrated as follows....



Mainstore (Layout storeview default) + Demo1 (new framework):




Demo 2:



Demo 3:





Demo 4:










The Quickstart Package consists on a complete Magneto! + Template + Various Extensions + Sample Content, excellent for beginner users to explore back-end settings and sample content. Installing the Quickstart is just like installing Magento!, but you will have the full demo of the theme on your server. Once your environment is ready, follow this quick guide:

Step 1: Download a Quickstart

Please download package:

Step 2: Upload a Quickstart

Next, you must upload package on your hosting account through your cPanel -> File Manager or using an FTP client.

In case you want Quickstart installation to be primary for your domain (i.e. to run from, you need to extract the content of the installation package in the public_html folder. On the other hand, if you want it to be in a subfolder like you need to extract the content to public_html/store/.

Once you upload the package, you can extract it through your cPanel -> File Manager.

Step 3: Create a MySQL database

Create a MySQL database and assign a user to it through cPanel -> MySQL Databases. Remember the database details, since you will need them during the Quickstart installation.

Step 4: Install Quickstart

Install step by step as magento:

In our example we will install Magento in the public_html/store folder. Once the package is uploaded and extracted and you have a MySQL database, navigate to

Click on the check box next to "I agree to the above terms and conditions" and click on the Continue button. Now, choose the preferred Time Zone, Locale and Currency and press the Continue button.

Next, enter the database details: Database Name, User Name and User Password. You can leave the other options intact. Make sure that you place a check on the "Skip Base URL validation before next step" option. Then, click the Continue button to proceed.

At this point you should enter the personal information and the admin login details which you want to use. You can leave the Encryption Key field empty and the script will generate one for you. Once more, click the Continue button.

Finally, Write down your encryption key; it will be used by Magento to encrypt passwords, credit cards and other confidential information.

Well Done! Your Quickstart installation was successfully completed. Now you can navigate to its Frontend or Backend.


1. Please download package Framework, themes or  Modules .

2. Go to Admin > System> Magento Connect > Magento Connec Manager.  login and install or uninstall it

Module Using in 'Ves Fashion' theme


 1. Config Theme Control Panel:

 - Go to  VenusTheme > Ves Template Panel > Theme Control Panel, add new item.


 - Save the theme settings.

 - (Option) Go back to edit theme setting and go to tab "Data Sample" you can import sample data for theme, modules of theme.


2. Config Theme:

After installation is complate Theme and Module , login to your Magento admin panel and choose System -> Configuration from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. On the left menu click on “Package”. Click on the “Themes” header to expand the section.

Mainstore (Layout default):


Config storeview with other layout, example Demo1 storeview...




Front - end Appearance :



We have a lot of configurations in modules, customize unlimit font, live theme editor ....

Please view configuration guide: click here

Venusthemes includes the fantastic Megamenu in an additional module called Ves MegaMenu.The Megamenu module comes with a custom admin interface through which you can create powerfull Menu. No coding is required. Follow these steps to create a module:

Front-end Appearance:

Back-end Settings:

Please view configuration guide: click here


Front - end Appearance :

Add Banner


Manager Banner

Manager Banner will help you manage all of banners that you created in Add Banner(3).



Frondend show slidshow on Demo 2:


Frondend show slidshow on Demo 3:


Frondend show slidshow on Demo 4:


Config Admin:


Expamle config slideshow demo 4:

Admin / Venustheme /  Ves Layerslider / Manager banner /

Slider option:


Manager slider:


-Config width slider and add element

- Config transisiton slider

- Choose main slider  image transition randdom

- Config transition for other element text, button, link...for each timeline layer


Front-end Appearance :

Configuration :

Front-end Appearance :

Configuration :

Frontend show Verticalmenu on Demo4 storeview:


Config backend:



Config backend:

Front end:

Backend config:

Front-end Appearance :

Add Categories :

Add Post:

Configuration :

Front-end Appearance :


And Demo 2 storeview:


Add Brand :

Configuration :

Select brand for product :

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